Briefly introduction:

Jie just finished his master's degree student from CU Boulder. In 2021 summer, Jie was an intern at Allegion as a software development engineer focusing on automation test and solving code depulication. He came from Hefei, Anhui, China(PRC), studied about 10 years in China. And now live and study in Boulder, CO.

Here is his reason for taking ML and NLP as one of his fields. "I think machine learning is the fourth industrial revolution, just like the steam engine for the first industrial revolution, electricity for the second industrial revolution, and computer for the third industrial revolution. However, in these revolutions, they all didn't replace humans, just free people's hands to do more creative things."

Recently, he is focusing on software development.

Programming lanaguages and frameworks he used

  • Languages: Python, Java, Swift, C++, SQL, JavaScript, Scala
  • Framework & System: Flask, Cypress, RabbitMQ, Linux, Git, Sql Intergration service, Flutter, PyTorch
  • Software/Other: Mysql, MSSQL server, Jupyter Notebook, GitKarken, Pycharm, Intellij IDEA
  • Cloud and services: Google cloud platform
  • Hobbies and what he does in my free time:

  • Shotting on his favourite camera "Sony A7R3". Here is his photography website. Currently, his photos have been viewed by 21 million times and 76000 downloads.
  • Traveling with his cute puppy Yumi.
  • Playing guitar.(usually country music or folk music)

  • Recently my work:

    Recently my reading:

    Updated on June 23th, 2022